Besto-link is producing complete range for FE, GE, SDH/SONET up to 2.67G, Fiber Channel up to 4G optical fiber transceivers. Here we are just listing some popular products. For more products information, please feel free to contact us.

P/NProduct DescriptionData RateReachTXRX
BL-SFP-1G-SX1.25G SFP SX1.25G550m850nm VCSELPIN
BL-SFP-1G-LX1.25G SFP LX1.25G20km1310nm FPPIN
BL-SFP-1G-EX1.25G SFP EX1.25G40km1310nm DFBPIN
BL-SFP-1G-ZX1.25G SFP ZX1.25G80km1550nm DFBPIN
BL-SFP-1G-ZX1201.25G SFP ZX1201.25G120km1550nm DFBAPD
BL-SFP-1G-ZX1601.25G SFP ZX1601.25G160km1550nm DFBAPD
BL-SFP-1G-ZX2001.25G SFP ZX2001.25G200km1550nm DFBAPD