Besto-link's DWDM SFPs are available in all 100 GHz or 50Ghz C-band wavelengths on the DWDM ITU grid. They are designed to Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) standards to ensure broad network equipment compatibility. As multirate interfaces they support any protocol from 100 Mbps to 4.25 Gbps, for 8G/10G please see SFP+ category.

P/NProduct DescriptionData RateReachTXRX
BL-SFP-DW80-xx.xxSFP DWDM1.25G24dB 80kmDWDM ITU C-band DFBPIN
BL-SFP-DW120-xx.xxSFP DWDM1.25G32dB 120kmDWDM ITU C-band EMLAPD